Why is it that whenever I am pushing 300+Watts my Zwift loses connectitivity

Whenever I am Zwifting and pushing higher than 280 Watts I loose connectivity, however my Tacxx app shows power and speed, my data commetuin is at 140, my computer is connected via cable to the router, i have all the correct hardware? It gets really frustrating getting dropped on every ride because of this

Hi @Eric_Scholtz

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Can you post a link to your strava activity maybe we can help.

What do you mean by loosing connection?

You can put your log file in zwiftalizer.com and look for dropouts.

whch trainer do you have? i have an original tacx flux and when i was putting power down and standing in the saddle it would often lose connection - i figured out that the power cable wasn’t properly in the the trainer and it seemed to come loose when standing and therefore moving the trainer around a bit more as a result.

do you get drop outs all of the time or only when the power goes higher? make surre your Ant+ dongle isn’t too far from the trainer. are you able to connect using the companion app via bluetooth and see if you get the same thing happening? tht way you can see if it is a zwift issue/set up issue/trainer issue