Zwift losing Ant connections but trainer still connected

I have had this problem before, but tonight during a ride as red beacon I experienced a complete loss of ANT connectivity by zwift but my trainer was still connected to my computer and the zwiftalizer log confirmed that I had not experienced any dropouts. So my thoughts is that zwift has a bug that stops it seeing the ant dongle and the only way to re establish a connection is by restarting zwift. Can you please address this bug and I am happy to provide my log file for the session, but am not sure if putting it here is what you would require?
Please address urgently as I am a ride leader and can’t be dropping out of my own rides, luckily up to now I have been able to rejoin before late join finishes.

That sound strange, can you post a picture of the Zwiftalizer test.

the moment Zwift can’t find the ANT+ dongle it write to the log file.

Do you pair as ANT+ FE-c

yes I pair with fec. Here is the image, the part on the right end where it has lost connection with zwift can be seen as a stronger signal bar. Would you like the log file too?

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That look like a graphics issue, Look at the FPS going to almost Zero.

Are you on a windows PC?

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that is where I went into the connections menu and zwift was struggling when trying to pair. Yes on high end pc.

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Have you updated the firmware? There are some reports that the new update is causing power issues and dropouts on the Garmin Tacx forum.

no, I haven’t changed any firmware or anything. Thats the thing though the trainer is still connected to the computer it is just zwift stops seeing the ant connections only bluetooth.

This is confusing, what do you mean that it is connected to your computer? ANT+ only gets picked up by Zwift, not the PC. Something must be interfering with the connection.

I recently had to move my fan because it was too close to my PC and was causing dropouts. Have you moved anything around in your setup recently?

I am really confused. When I see the lights on the trainer saying the trainer is still connected to ant and the zwiftalizer saying that there has been no ant dropouts then I am making the assumption that I am not experiencing ant dropouts but zwift failing to see the dongle anymore. I turned trainer off and back on today and that shows as a dropout on the zwiftalizer so clearly normally I am not having dropouts but zwift program issues.