No Connection via ANT+ after zwift update


after the last update zwift doesn’t connect anymore to my trainer (RealTour B+). The ANT+ dongle is working. It was working before without any problems and now nothing???


Today I noticed some artifacts when tried to do some Zwifting. Ant+ connection periodically lost. Within a minute of starting,Ant+ connection drops out for like 5 secs,than it’s back. Than it keeps repeating after the same amount of seconds ,the connection drops again,and keeps up with this pattern. Tried on two different windows pc (one desktop,one laptop).

The most interesting part is when I’ve tried it on my iPad(2017) it’s happened in exactly the same fashion via BLE connection.
Zwift keep losing the signal either it’s Ant+ or BLE from trainer AND power meter AND heart rate chest strap (so total signal loss). Anything to do with the new update?


Do you happen to have any devices within a 30-foot radius of your Elite with Bluetooth enabled? Since you don’t pair through Zwift Companion, please ensure Bluetooth is completely disabled on your Windows 8 PC and any other devices in the area.

We’ve received correspondence from a few other members regarding the same ANT+ pairing issue and Elite trainers. In most of the situations, uninstalling and reinstalling Zwift seemed to help. Please give that a shot and let us know if it’ll allow you to pair your Elite with Zwift again.

Andres: What you’re describing sounds like a simple signal reception or interference concern. If you have bluetooth devices in the area that aren’t necessary to operate Zwift, please disable them and ensure your ANT+ dongle is as close to your sensors as possible. If that doesn’t seem to help, please open a ticket with us so we can request copies of your log files to further research your concern.