Wahoo Kickr V6 Wifi vs Bluetooth


I just recently bought a kickr v6 and connected it via Wifi which up until now has worked perfectly, I’ve done about 10 rides with no issues. Suddenly yesterday I had dropouts, I have not made any changes to the setup prior to my ride yesterday, but analyzing the files in Zwiftalizer shows that yesterday suddenly there are bluetooth resends and reconnects, at the same time I experienced dropouts, is this normal when connected via wifi, i thought that when connected via wifi there was no need for bluetooth ?

You’re sure it is still connected via WiFi? Do you have Bluetooth enabled on your system aswell for other devices, e.g. heart rate belt? Maybe Zwift discovered the Bluetooth connection and uses this one as well for the trainer.

My Zwift setup always connects through ANT+ FE-C to my trainer although I’m using bluetooth. I have to change this prior to every single session. :upside_down_face:

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I believe the WiFi connection shows up as Bluetooth in the logs

If @Mike_Hanney is around he can probably explain why

I dont know if the trainer can jump between wifi and bluetooth during the ride, the only thing i make sure of is that in the pairing screen i connect the trainer via wifi, i did notice yesterday that the bluetooth light was solid after my ride but dont know if it is a problem that it is connected both with wifi and bluetooth.

Aha, did not know that. That will indicate that there are dropouts in my wifi setup. I was hoping that the wifi setup would eliminate the dropouts :innocent:

I frequently have my trainer connect via Bluetooth for power right away, but sometimes it pauses and controllable connects ANT+ FEC and then cadence either doesn’t connect or connects via Bluetooth after a 20-30s delay. Then I have to manually switch controllable over to Bluetooth. I’d say this happens one in every 3-4 times I join Zwift. No dropout problems once in ride though. This randomly selecting a different source is a weird thing. If OP is specifically checking that it says WIFI each time, it’s probably not that for them, but who knows.