Wahoo Kickr v6e WiFi connection to Zwift

Does anyone knows how to connect the Wahoo Kickr V6 via Wifi instead of bluetooth?
It seems that Zwift find it automatically but is using bluetooth instead of the availible wifi.
i believe the connection will be more stable via Wifi.

The subject of the topic you created says Kickr Core which doesn’t do WiFi. But in your post you said V6. Which one do you have?

If it’s a V6 then this is the process:

Thanks Paul, yes its the V6 that magically substituted my Kickr Core :slight_smile:

Paul, the wifi conection through the Wahoo app and firmware updates works fine.
my question is related to the connection to Zwift. it seems that Zwift is still conceting with the trainer via Bluetooth instead of Wifi. I can see the Direct cable option but not the Wifi one.

Use the DirectConnect option

DC Rainmaker covers this in the review:

i hope Zwift recognize the last choice and do it automatically afterwards.

If it doesn’t, try deleting the knowndevices.xml file to help it forget

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