Wahoo Kickr v6 wifi connection issue

Recenly got a kickr v6,some weeks ago using it with wifi has worked fine. But with latest release zwift will not find the wifi on the kickr v6.
But if i use ethernet on my latop, then it finds it directly.
Do you have a solution for this ?

Hi @Anders_Grund

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked at your server logs and noticed, you have an ANT+ dongle plugged in to your PC. What happens when you unplug the ANT dongle and don’t use it at all?

From the Zwift end of things, you don’t want to mix ANT and Blueooth (i.e. your Power signal to connect via Bluetooth FTMS, but your Controllable signal on ANT FE-C.). Here are the how-to’s on our Support site.

From the Wahoo end of things - Direct Connect still relies on Bluetooth to be enabled on your computer, so you’ll want to make sure that none of these known issues are preventing Bluetooth pairing from working correctly.

Yes, i’m using ant+ for my hr monitor. Tried without ant+ same problem
I’m not using Direct connect aka ethernet on the trainer. I’m using wifi.

And the kickr is connected on my wifi. And no update on firmware on the kickr,since i bougt it.

There are some details with Direct Connect you might want to check. See this Wahoo support article.

The first thing is the simplest: try rebooting your WiFi router. Please also read through the section of that article Connecting through a Router or other Network

Then: check your OS’s built-in firewall app, any third-party firewall apps and VPNs and see that they allow Zwift to run across your home network. This is a common gotcha since DirCon was introduced two years ago.

Did you read my latest post! ? kickr v6 suports wifi since a firmware update, and it has nothing todo with direct connect/Ethernet. Sounds like you are not updated.

Well sir, i reboot my router at least once a week, and i been working in IT business for like 30 years, so i think i know my it environment at home.

Zwift have benn working fine for 4,5 years. It works with ant+, the issue is a can’t use my win 10 laptop with wifi and kickr v6 with wifi, not even if both are on the 2,4GHz.
What works is latop on ethernet cable then zwift finds the wifi on the kickr v6 trainer, directly.
Which have changed in latest relese.