Kickr V6 direct connect

hello folks,does someone who rides with Kickr V6 via pc win11 has noticed that today 01.02.2023 Zwift is only connecting with the V6 via Bluetooth and no longer the direct connect sign appears together with the Bluetooth sign when pairing ??
I always use the direct connect via WiFi even if i do not use the direct connect cable,before it always showed both options,either Bluetooth or WiFi 2G…if someone could help me here, many thanks.

Yes same thing for me. The wahoo app says it discovable on network, but the direct connect symbol dosent appear in zwift pairing. Only ant+ and Bluetooth.

Same problem for me. Have tried to allow port 36866 to see if that was the problem and also just turning off my firewall, but it made no difference.

The problem is specific to wifi as both Kickr v6 and v5 shows up perfectly with Direct connect adapter

thanks Matthias for quick comment,
indeed when using Wahoo Fitness(my favourite app !!!) the Kickr connects immediately with the app on WiFi 2G,so assume this a problem how zwift reacts to the wifi,but until yesterday it worked ok,
i use not a good pc,with intel i3 only and poor graphics, today it has started to crash after loaded Zwift,so u think that’s a issue at Zwift and not in my local WiFi because it works with the wahoo app ?

joa hello,understand that u use the connect cable between your kickr and your WiFi provider… correct ??? but until yesterday all worked fine,maybe Zwift with the issues they are having with Wahoo concerning the dispute over The Hub has blocked the WiFi connection from the Kickr…
i dont use the cable but anyway until yesterday worked perfectly with via WiFi 2G and the V6…

Same problem here. Every other connection works fine but Wifi not anywhere to seen

teppo mies terve,

spoke today with wahoo and they said it’s due
the Zwift latest update which seems to be blocking the wifi connectivity with the Kickr V6,
according them we should use ble until Zwift solves the issue… terveisiä.

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One more experiencing this.

While it is nice to have the BLE bandage, I had problems with connection drops and zwift not controlling power in ERG mode.

Hopefully zwift and wahoo can sort this out quickly.

To me this seems to be version 1.33.2 on PC, not the big 1.33 update from a couple of days ago.

david,the 1.33.2 it’s the newer update from the 1.33

kickr v5 dircon here working flawlessly until 1.33.2, no dirconn until reboot once or twice on win 11

kirk,with V6 not even the reboot helps…no wifi option available…i have written to zwift about this issue but no reply so far… Wahoo said to me yesterday that’s a Zwift issue because WiFi works perfectly with their own app… let’s see what Zwift does with this.regards.

Just saw an update on a different thread. There is a wahoo wifi firmware update that fixes the problem. Confirmed that the wifi connection worked for me, but didn’t check all functionality.

Should be wifi version 1.0.12

[ KICKR v6 WiFi connection | Wahoo Direct Connect [October 2022; February 2023] ]

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I believe it will update automatically. But, if you want to check your version (on android, not sure about ios):
Use the wahoo app
Connect to the kickr
Select kickr in the linked sensors
Select the network it is using (should say something like “Discoverable on Network” if connected)
If you scroll down to the Sensor Info, is lists the firmware.

Mine updated automatically as I was looking for the info.

David, now its ok !!! the wifi option is there, great help from yours !!! ride on !!!

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I stumbled upon this thread when my brand new VICKR V6 would not connect to Zwift via WiFi even after I’d installed WiFi firmware 1.0.12. After 2 days of trying everything Wahoo support suggested that I change my router channel select setting from Auto to a fixed channel (I selected 6 as it was the least used based upon a local scan). As soon as I made that change I could see the direct connect option and everything now works great. I’ve had this Motorola MT7711 router for ~6 years and haven’t had any issues running with default settings until now. Hopefully this will help someone else down the road.