Wahoo Kickr Direct Connect

Just wondering if there is any update to this being available for Zwift.

I’ve had so many issues with dropouts with my v.5 Kickr over the last several months I’ve given up on group rides and racing. The final straw for me was experiencing dropouts on consecutive events, the first 50K into a 100K group ride, the second when I was leading a crit race with 600 metres to go.

I’ve been troubleshooting for months – uninstalls, re-installs, powered USB extension cables, different ANT+ dongles, bluetooth signal booster, every possible pairing configuration, moving my computer right next to the trainer, firmware updates, changing my router’s channel, trying to eliminate interferance – if there’s a troubleshooting tip out there, I’ve tried it.

The most stable configuration is pairing the Kickr power and cadence by Bluetooth and the Controlable FEC using ANT+. It works about 80 per cent of the time but the 20 per cent is what has me tearing my hair out.

So please – pretty please – if you could make this a priority it would really help stop my slowly disintegrating sanity. :smile:

I have same problems and I have dircon already. It works with trainerroad and other platforms already. Could u pleease make it work asap so I can use zwift again


I totally agree! It is not possible to use the Kickr V5 with Zwift in a reliable manner, and I have been trying every possible troubleshooting tip out there… The direct connect is totally stable and super quick with SUF… We need this ASAP!


Does anyone know if there’s been any updates or progress on this?


I have the same issue continuously experiencing connection drops on both ANT+ and BTLE… Any update on the use of Wahoo Direct Connect for v5 Kickr on Zwift?


Given the speed at which Zwift is operating on all fronts, my guess is that it will take at least 10 years for them to even unbox the Wahoo Direct Connect dongle.

I am noticing that when it comes to any aspect of Zwift, i am not able to talk about Zwift without cynicism anymore. Quite sad.


Adding to this. Come on Zwift, get on this!


Please support.


Adding my vote to this also

C’mon Zwift! Add support for Kickr Direct Connect already. Zwift is pretty much unusable right now.


MacBook Pro 5’ away from Kickr and still dropping connection. Looking forward to Direct Connect support.


I am on a Apple Airport Extreme Network and i only use Ant+. Have been from Kickr 2 to today, the Kickr V5.

Never have or have had any issues at all.

I am wondering if anyone who is experiencing lots of drop-outs are on the router provided by their ISP. They are not very good, to state it mildly.

Good luck and Ride On !

Edit: Actually, i DID have a lot of drop-outs at the the start, 5-6 years ago. But I fixed that permanently by exclusively using Ant+

I’m using Ubiquiti Unifi AC Pro access point and EdgeRouter at home but since I’m using Apple TV 4K för Zwifting I’m forced to use bluetooth (unfortunately).

Bluetooth might be more modern than Ant+ but nowadays loads of devices use Bluetooth and make additional connections less and less reliable.

If only Zwift would approve the Wahoo dongle, it would solve a lot of headaches for many, so what is taking so long, Zwift ?