Does the Wahoo Kickr (Wifi) now work no dropouts?

Hi All,
I’m about to buy the Wahoo KickR with the WIFI support because I just don’t get regular and reliable connections.
I have switched on Bluetooth compatibility in my local router and chosen channels far away from the BT one… I am using ANT+ FEC connection.
However, I still get fairly regular power stutters (cycling 200W and it will drop for a second down to 140, then back up) etc. or else a 3-10second just drop completely (usually when I’m racing myself up AlpeDZ).

So my questions is… now that it’s finished all of it’s teething problems… is the KickR V6 now completely trustworthy and pairing with WIFI has no drops etc.?

Don’t want to buy £1000 worth of kit and find out it’s just as niggly as my other $1000 kit from 3 years ago!

Thanks all.

Hi Gavin, I have been using my V6 for a couple of weeks using wifi with no issues, then this morning a drop out during a group ride. Ended up selecting bluetooth to reconnect. I’m not sure if this will be an ongoing issue so time will tell. If anyone else has experienced this i’d appreciated feedback.