Zwift drop outs with Bluetooth set up. Time for a change?


Advice wanted.

My Zwift set up has been plauged with dropouts for months now.

My set a wifi booster, then a Kickr using Bluetooth to connect to my windows 10 laptop.

I get about 3-4 dropouts every hour riding. I contacted Zwift and they’ve got me using my android phone to act as a bridge between the Kickr and my laptop. But still I’m getting the dropouts.

Last night was a killer: lap 8 of 9 in a race and I suffer the virtual riders equivalent of a flat tyre (see the picture!)- the signal dropped.

So I need help.

Do I get a better WiFi booster (I don’t think this is the problem- however my phone does struggle to stay on the WiFi network).

Do I get an ANT+ dongal to connect a different way to the Kickr?

Or does anyone else have any better ideas? Give up? Go to the pub instead?



Yes, and an extension USB cable so it can sit right under your Kickr.

For me the ANT+ dongle is the most stable connection. and by stable I mean 0 dropouts.

Are you using bluetooth headphones? I have tried four different bluetooth headsets, AirPods Pro and Aftershox Aeroplex for instance, and everyone of them caused dropouts. It sucks using wired headphones but it ended a source of dropouts.

I was but have given up with using them after i read about interference :sleepy:

One more vote for ANT+. It’s just that Zwift are struggling with bluetooth on Windows and ATV.

ANT+ is handling most dropouts on hardware level, meaning the ANT+ stick takes care of that, which results in more consistent behavior across operating systems unlike bluetooth. The disadvantage of ANT+ is ‘weak signal’, so you can also look into those extension USB cables.


Which Ant+ dongle do you recommend? Thanks

I’ve used this one without issues for 2 years now

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I use one of these