Multiple ANT+ dropouts - not had problem before

I’ve started getting multiple ANT+ dropouts - sadly one just before a race on Thurs, so I need to try and fix it. It even loses the HR strap connection which has never dropped before (yes - it has a new battery!). I’ve been on Zwift several years, and not seen anything like it.

I have the ANT+ dongle right next to the Kickr Wahoo Core trainer and the dongle is on a powered USB hub. I’ve also tried a different ANT+ dongle, different USB extension cables, and even connected via different USB ports on the PC - all with no difference - the dropouts continue.

I have the PC power plan set such that the USB power saving mode is disabled, and I’ve tried reinstalling Zwift twice. The PC is used exclusively for Zwift. Prior to the recent update (the Zwift logs previously included connectivity data), I was getting strong signals. Nothing in my setup has changed.

It could be some sort of interference in that 2.4 GHz space used by ANT+. Baby monitors, microwave ovens, faulty electrical device, etc.

Thanks for the ideas Steve. The set-up is some way away from the kitchen, or other electrical appliances and the wi-fi is on 5GHz.