Kickr not being recognized by Zwift and when it does it drops continuously

KickR is not being recognized by Zwift, and when it does it drops constantly.  If I disconnect my Ant+ harming usb stick, it detects I unplugged it. Tells me no ant found. After I plug it back in it recognizes the stick.  I can eventually get it to pair with Zwift and start riding, but it drops to 0 constantly and the rider and bike stop until detected again.  My Kickr is 2ft away from the computer.  Please help, I really love zwift, but can’t really use it.  Is Zwift going to launch with Bluetooth 4.0 support anytime soon? It’s so much better than Ant+.


thank you for all your hard work

I’ve created a ticket for this issue to troubleshoot further. We’ll be in touch!

Is there an update to this issue, it’s the same issue that I’m having.  I just started using zwift with my ant+ less than a bike length away from my kickr and it pairs and picks it up, but then constantly drops the connection while riding?  Any help would be appreciated!

Kelvin, in my case I purchased a 6’ extension - I guess my computer and other devices were interfering or the computer case itself.  Either way that resolved the issue and now it works perfectly - haven’t had an issue since.

love this trainer and the Zwift App. 

hope this helps. I’m still hoping they will support Bluetooth 4.0 soon as all my other devices are Bluetooth. including the cadence and heart rate monitor