Kickr won’t pair anymore

(David Potts Wkg) #1

After a couple years of Zwift my Kickr has suddenly stopped pairing via Ant+. My cadence and Tickr still pair. The kickr can be found instantly on the wahoo fitness app so the trainer can’t be broken. Very frustrating!! Anybody had similar issues?

(Vincent W.) #2

Oh no, sorry to hear Zwift is giving you some trouble David! For starters have you tried out our ANT + troubleshooting guide?

I’d also check if your Kickr’s firmware is up to date.

(David Potts Wkg) #3

Hi. The Kickr firmware is up to date. The Ant+ stick is plugged into my laptop which is only a couple feet away from the trainer. I don’t have an extension for the Ant+ as it’s never been necessary. I’ve recently changed my internet provider and it’s very slow. I wonder if that could be the issue?

(Vincent W.) #4

Hmm… are you able to pair via Bluetooth with your Zwift companion app?

(David Potts Wkg) #5

Yes but it’s not that reliable…sometimes it’ll pair instantly but other times not. I’ve read on here about unpairing from the wahoo fitness app…I’ll try that

(Vincent W.) #6

Checking in, are you able to pair now? Yes, your Kickr should be paired straight to Zwift without being paired to anything else.

(David Potts Wkg) #7

Hi. Yes I’m able to pair via Bluetooth. Ant+ no longer pairs but hopefully I’ll get by with Bluetooth. Thanks for the help

(David Potts Wkg) #8

Hi. For some reason when trying to pair my devices today nothing would pair. On the paired devices screen neither the Bluetooth icon or Ant+ icon were emitting circles. Any ideas?

(David Potts Wkg) #9


I’ve had a problem with the Paired Devices screen not emitting circles in the top left on either Ant+ or Bluetooth. I’ve totally lost connection to my trainer via Ant+ but Bluetooth worked fine the previous day and I’ve changed nothing. Any ideas?


(Vincent W.) #10

Hey David, can you send us a support conversation? (
It would be a huge help if you sent us your log files as well, so our team can try to track what’s causing these pairing issues.

Here’s a guide on how to find your log files:

(David Potts Wkg) #11


My laptop is ancient and I’m struggling to send my Zwift logs to my email. I’ll persevere and hope to send these to you asap


(Vincent W.) #12

No problem, let us know if you aren’t able to provide log files at all!

(Danny Boyd) #13

This happened to me just the other day. It just stopped. It is the ANT+ in windows that has stopped, and i couldnt re-install it. dumbass ANT+ site require register and login to get download for reinstall. I did however have another ANT+ dongle, which i swapped, and it installed itself correctly rectifying the issue. Kickr saw the new ANT+ and away i went.

(David Potts Wkg) #14

Seems strange that the Ant+ dongle picks up the Tickr and cadence sensors but not the Kickr