Zwift not recognizing Wahoo Kickr trainer

My Zwift program has been running fine since the initial set up over 2 years ago, until yesterday that is. The Zwift program no longer connects to my trainer. When attempting to go through the set up procedure, the “Select Trainer” screen for controllable devices no longer lists the Wahoo Kickr as an option. Did Zwift quit supporting Wahoo? Did Wahoo change its name? Is this an update bug? Any thoughts on how to fix?

In other words, is there a way to pair the Wahoo Kickr with the Zwift program when the Wahoo Kickr is no longer on the list of supported trainers?

There was no game updates in the last week.

Is the trainer connected to another device.

Do you connect over Bluetooth or ant+.

What device are you using.

And No Zwift didn’t stop support for Wahoo

Try to connect power first, that is what I have to do with my Tacx Neo - after connecting power I can also pair as controllable.

I’m having the same problem. Worked fine for years, not Wahoo is not listed and will not pair!

Hi @T.Carr_Virginia, welcome to the forums. Please give us much more detail on your setup so we can try to help. We need to know all the devices you are using and how you connect to Zwift. Bluetooth or ant+, or through the companion app, etc…

One quick thing to try, using your phone and the wahoo app, does the Kickr connect to the app and can you perform a spin down calibration?