Wahoo Kickr will no longer recognized by zwift

I just updated Zwift to the most recent version (Launcher Version 1.0.19 and Game Version 1.0.10979) and my Kickr no longer shows up in the pairing screen. I have tried exiting Zwift completely, unplugging the dongle and going back into zwift to try again but my Kickr still does not show up. No problems up until today. All my other sensors work fine (HR and speed/cadence).

I also tried riding the Kickr with other software (the Wahoo iPhone app) to see if it was my trainer but it worked fine there.

Any suggestions on a fix?

Hi Tom, can you try unplugging the kickr for 10 seconds and plugging it back in?  We’ve not changed any ANT+ code in a while now and I see a very typical number of people on KICKRs have ridden in the past 6 hours so it makes me wonder if it’s something specific to your setup.

In the meantime I’ll verify our KICKRs at Zwift HQ are all pairing up fine.

Hi Jon,

Yes I did. I also went through the dongle procedure again and restarted my computer as well. Still no luck.


I am having the same issue, except my kickr is new, and I couldn’t get it to pair. It recognizes my cadence and HR monitor. I have performed a spin down. Please advise.

was there any solution? It seems since the update installed yesterday (hadn’t ridden for a while so could be a recent update) my kickr is no longer found…