ANT+ Device

I have a specific issues that started recently. Both Wife and I have Kickrs setup next to each other, lots of times we ride together. All of a sudden we can’t do this. If she is riding and doing a workout with ERG mode all is well until i log onto Zwift from my computer (yes different account). Weird part is if I unplug the Ant+ device from my computer (while Zwift is still running) her Zwift starts working properly again. We ordered new Ant+ devices and it still does the same thing. We can’t go to bluetooth because some of the devices we use only support Ant+


It just sound like her PC is picking up your trainer.

I know yher is a way to delete known devices but I have to search the forum.

EDIT: Found it.

see this post. Ability to name equipment in Zwift pairing menu - #19 by shooj

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thanks. I’ll give it a try later today

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