Ability to name equipment in Zwift pairing menu

Bumping this again!!! Shamelessly!

Yes please! As a Zwift employee we can also use this feature in-house.


This also gets a vote from me :+1:

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Agreed. It’d make life much easier!!!

Shameless bumping for a simple fix :wink:

One more vote from me. :smiley:

In the meantime - there is way to do this yourself on macOS and Windows.

  1. In Finder / Windows Explorer - go to your Documents\Zwift folder
  2. Open the file called knowndevices.xml. This file stores the list of devices that you’ve already paired with.
  3. Edit the name of your device in each line. Avoid using special characters like apostrophes, ampersands, quotation marks, etc. Do not mess with the numbers in each line.
  4. Save the changes.

Next time you run Zwift the names of your devices should appear as you wish.

Note: this is possible on Windows / Mac. Mobile operating systems (including tvOS) are much more locked down security-wise, so they will not let you dig into system folders.


This is awesome, I never knew you can do this. never to old to learn something. See you later I am going to rename my HR sensor. :sunglasses:


Now that is sorted - is there a way to block devices? I never ever want EliteRealTrainer to pair as power or controllable, yet zwift sometimes does this automatically even though i have never selected it myself.

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Will you be renaming it “Gerry [sic] and the Pacemakers”? :rofl:


Only one wish per day will be granted. LOL



First step for you is to go into knowndevices.xml and remove that line. While the signal will still be visible, it should no longer auto-pair. If you don’t know which line - delete all the individual <DEVICE> </DEVICE> lines, and pair to your trainer fresh as though this is a new installation of Zwift.

Context question: do you have an ANT dongle on your computer? ANT Controllable signals are recognized quicker than Bluetooth because the BLE Controllable signal won’t broadcast until Zwift has bonded to the BLE Power signal. I have this situation too, and I’m told it’s the nature of ANT vs BLE for the Controllable signal.


Now I need to come up with some clever names for my devices… :thinking:

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Oh my giddy aunt… This is going to be amazing!!!

Did this get anywhere for a more permanent solution?

Hi Shuji, I tried this but it didn’t last and the names reverted back to default shortly after.

Ah well, I hope there is an update that allows this facility soon!!!

Also, shameless bump :slightly_smiling_face:


  1. Are you on PC/Mac? It will not work for iOS / Android / tvOS.
  2. Are you on the same PC/Mac, or did you switch to a different one? Your customized knowndevices.xml file is stored on that local machine only, (i.e. it won’t sync across devices).

Hi dude,

Yeah, same PC each time!!

I’m going to try again but would love a official in game way of doi g it :wink::wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Thanks for you help with this.

Vote for me from this, it would be really useful - I’m on iOS/iPadOS so the “hack” isn’t an option anyway

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Adding my “yes, please!” to this request.

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