Ability to name equipment in Zwift pairing menu

It would be great if one could name their trainers, cadence sensors, HR monitors, power meters, etc to make identifying correct equipment in the pairing menu.

E.g. my wife and I both have Wahoo trainers and they are identified with a code, same with cadence… if I could see “Tim’s cadence” or “Tim’s trainer”, it’d be MUCH easier if we were both connecting at the same time.

That would be great. No more sticky notes with trainer numbers.


I’m just bumping this up as this feature would be extremely useful for me and other multi-user households!!!

Bumping again!


I’m going to bump again! Think this is an easy fix for quite a big benefit…

Genuinely think this would be helpful for loads, hence another bump!

Good idea.
As it’s done on Garmin bike computer.
When we connect for the first time our sensor, Zwift shall save this sensors end we could be able te rename it as you which.
And when we start a new session you can easily identify if you are connected your right sensors.
Vote +1 even if I don’t need this feature.

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Now that would be a simple but useful feature.

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Bumping this again!!! Shamelessly!