Ability to name equipment in Zwift pairing menu


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Oh my giddy aunt… This is going to be amazing!!!

Did this get anywhere for a more permanent solution?

Hi Shuji, I tried this but it didn’t last and the names reverted back to default shortly after.

Ah well, I hope there is an update that allows this facility soon!!!

Also, shameless bump :slightly_smiling_face:


  1. Are you on PC/Mac? It will not work for iOS / Android / tvOS.
  2. Are you on the same PC/Mac, or did you switch to a different one? Your customized knowndevices.xml file is stored on that local machine only, (i.e. it won’t sync across devices).

Hi dude,

Yeah, same PC each time!!

I’m going to try again but would love a official in game way of doi g it :wink::wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Thanks for you help with this.

Vote for me from this, it would be really useful - I’m on iOS/iPadOS so the “hack” isn’t an option anyway

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Adding my “yes, please!” to this request.

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Hi Shuji,

Each time I try the ‘hack’ to name equipment, it works first time but subsequently reverts back!

Is it something I’m doing wrong? I had previously removed all equipment from the file (starting it from scratch).



Shameless bump ad nauseum!


Bumping again so it doesn’t disappear!!!


I have 2 pairs of Zwiftplay controllers, and ride with my 10 y.o. son both irl and in Zwift at the same time, running 2 instances of Zwift on the one PC. Pairing the devices isn’t difficult but remembering which of the 4 device IDs is whose, is!

It would be really great to be able to rename them to something easy like B-Left B-Right and F-Left and F-Right, and have it remember/recognise and use the new device name each time we connect.

When I pair devices to my Garmin watch via Bluetooth I can edit the device name easily on the watch. This should be a breeze for the Zwift team - allow device to be renamed when paired, or even marked as favourite.

Thanks for your help.

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It seems such a simple feature. Surprised that it doesn’t get recognised!


Anything that involves editing files is a missing feature. There are platforms that run Zwift where you can’t edit files.

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please add a proper solution for this. I have his and hers kickr bikes, HR, Zwiftplay etc that are used at the same time. We sort of remember the IDs but renaming would be great


I’m just going to bump this again!

@shooj ’s trick works with Bluetooth devices but ANT+ devices every back once they connect.

With all the resource allocated to development, I hope a little bit is allocated for this feature.