Ant+ suddenly not working

Hi guys,
I need your help.

Running zwift on pc has never been a problem whatsoever until a couple of days ago.
When I get to the paired devices screen both my wife’s and my trainer do not show up any more.
When I load zwift, after I select the user it goes the blue screen with the zwift logo and I can hear the USB disconnect noise.
I then go to the trainer selection screen and no choices. Purchased a new Dongle,reinstalled zwift, checked USB drivers and still the same. Can anyone help please?

Have you tried different USB ports on the PC? Do you use an extension cable, try without the extension?

Hi Mike

Yeah tried all of the above without joy

Are you on Windows 10? There was a windows update recently, but I’m not having issues with ANT+ since then.

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Do you have another device to test your trainer or a different app? Just to see if the trainer still works?

What lights are displayed on the trainer?

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I’m on Windows 10 and haven’t had any issues since the last update.

So my wife’s is a tacx and I’m on an elite direto x and on the ipad there are no dramas. However this is running via Bluetooth. I’m now going to try bKool and see if it has any issues.

No abnormal lights either

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So just tried it on bKool and the exact same thing happens. Upon the trainer search screen the USB makes a disconnect noise.
I can’t work it out

Well you’ve ruled out that its not the dongle or the app causing it… but I have no idea what else to try other than a different windows 10 pc or laptop.

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