Don't Allow Pairing To A Device That's Actively Paired To Another Zwift Rider


(Juan Ascoli ZHR(F)) #1

My wife and I are both Zwift riders with separate Kickr’s. In the last month, I’ve began 4 or so of my races/events before noticing unusual and annoying resistence/behavior, especially when she’s climbing extreme grades. I could troubleshoot when I notice the issue but would rather remain in the event I’ve entered. I’ve discovered the problem occurs because occasionally my Zwift (Windows) app will re-pair to my wife’s Kickr (forgetting my earlier pairing). This is easy to miss on the initial pairing screen since it only appears for a few seconds when all sensors pair to a device. The pairing page should “remember” it’s previous paired devices but for some reason, sometimes pairs to my wife’s. I’ve now memorized the device ids and pay closer attention during the pairing screen display, but it would be very nice if the app could warn or prevent me from pairing to another device that’s already paired to another active user (my wife).