Zwift refuses to forget a trainer


Running on windows 10, with a Tacx neo2 trainer, connecting over ANT using a usb dongle.

Issue is that my neighbour also has a Tacx Neo2 in his garage and I think sometimes leaves it switched on when not in use.

When I launch Zwift, zwift sometimes, but not always, connects to his trainer as the controllable instead of mine (although it always manages to correctly connect to mine as power and cadence). If I spot this before the pairing screen goes then I can manually unpair and pair mine, and it’s ok, although a pain, but sometimes I’ll be busy sorting other stuff out (water, fan, towel etc.) And the screen will auto close, and I’ll start riding and belatedly realise the trainer isn’t being controlled by zwift.

I have tried deleting the known devices and Prefs files multiple times, but it still keeps happening, so it seems Zwift has stored on a server the fact that I must have connected to it once in the past and is for some reason syncing back when the files are recreated.

I know that my trainer advertises several signals but it always seems to pick up the last-used by default.

I wonder what would happen if you edited the Prefs file and then made it read-only?

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I get this too Tom!

Wife’s turbo (my old one)… Only happens on controller.

I’m even on a different PC (so fresh install) and still it grabs hers if I’ve not woken my trainer up first before getting to pairing.

knowndevices.xml holds historic sensors - deleting that as well and ensuring your Neo is first to be paired should sort it. But the moment you start up Zwift and your Neo is off when the neighbour’s one is on, you’ll get his remembered as last paired device again (so rinse and repeat the delete process).