Stop me opening Zwift twice (different devices)

With the duathlon series now in full swing and with running and cycling events being able to one after the other I made a mistake of getting my bike ready (ATV4K) while I was in the pen for a running event on my iPAD. I got disconnected from the running event and lost everyone there - and the companion app also disconnected so the workout screen didn’t work.

I know it was my mistake starting zwift on the ATV but didn’t think going to the pairing screen would of disconnected me, starting a session yes, but not the pairing screen.

Some warning would be good - “You are already active on another device” etc

Yeah my wife did that once, accidentally logging on as me when I was mid-race (and doing rather well) on another device. A more graceful failure mode would have been appreciated that time for sure. Though it’s the sort of mistake you’re only likely to make once!