Does application disconnect if second login occurs from another device

I was running Zwift from my iphone riding the Four Horseman route via a meetup (50+ people). About 1/3 of the way through, without thinking about it, I launched zwift on my PC to check to see if i already had the 100 clicks badge.

I never paired anything but as soon as Zwift launched and logged me in, the app on my iphone said it was disconnected and i could no longer see my group. Everything was still working in the app on the iphone. I finished the route it showed i earned the badge and I saved the ride.

Is this expected behavior? I know that people wouldn’t normally do this.


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Thanks Dave,

Hi @Chuck_Hauble

I concur with Dave on this, and you bring up an interesting issue.

I typically don’t recommend logging in to Zwift simultaneously on multiple different devices using the same account.

Doing so can result in some buggy behavior, and I’ve even seen it where the ride doesn’t save properly at the end because Zwift is basically confused between which of your two app sessions is the proper one for your current activity.

Use Zwift on one device at a time, make sure you force close the app after you’ve saved and you’re done riding; that’s likely to result in less issues/troubles in Zwift.

Thanks @Steven_D I agree with you guys too.

It’s not something you should do, but I was oxygen deprived in the middle of a long ride and did something silly.

I was just wondering if what i saw was the expected behavior. If it is I would think the Dev team would want to try and prevent it from automatically causing problems. For instance if the second attempted login brought up a prompt so that you could cancel out of it.

I know if my ride had not saved at the end of 4 hours I would have been really mad.

Thanks for the input. Chuck

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