Incomplete activity and zwifting now when not logged in

Have just had my devices freeze on trying to log in to a zwift race, eventually completed a race but it hasn’t been uploaded (however the warm up before hand was uploaded successfully). Once the race finished the companion app said I was still zwifting.

I have turned off and logged out of ALL devices that I have zwift on. but still says I am zwifting and hasn’t uploaded the race I completed…

Help please.

Hi @Robin_Doulton_T2.5_D welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked at your activity logs on our server, and I’m seeing simultaneous log ins from three different computers:
MacBook Air5
iPhone 13

So that we’re clear on what logging out means; on mobile OS’s, swiping the app into the background doesn’t terminate your session. You terminate each session by saving / uploading / exiting the game app before logging in next time.

We recommend you use the most robust computer (i.e. has the most RAM, has the most capable graphics capability) to run Zwift. Perhaps that’s your Macbook? To reduce the risk of this conflict, you might consider uninstalling the Zwift game app from your iPad and iPhone and run the Companion app on the mobile devices instead.