Completed Activities not reflected on main Zwift platform

But they are on companion app, hub, and feed. Any way to sync so they all are inclusive? I’m getting no xp points or drops until that happens

Are you, by chance, logged in to Zwift on multiple devices?

thanks for your reply! yes, I log on using my Mac, and use zwift companion on iphone as well. After completing a route, its always reflected on companion, but the badge and XP points on main Mac platform are not.

I can’t get my computer to update to Mac**: v 1.34.0 (1.0.109673). April 10 either - still showing 133.6 at login

Hi @Greg_Murrow welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’m seeing several instances where you logged into the game app (not the Companion app) on an iPhone while your laptop was already logged in. Concurrent logins create all sorts of weird symptoms - please uninstall the main game app off your iPhone to avoid any such issues.

The other thing I noticed are logins with no actual riding completed. Was this you troubleshooting? All rides need to be 2.0 km (1.6 mi.) or longer and runs must be at least 0.8 km (.5 mi) to upload. There are some other things that can stop a session a session from uploading to Zwift servers. See our Support Hub article for more info.

1.34 has been rolling out in phases over the past two weeks, so not all Mac devices have it yet. By next week, it will be available for you to update.

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Thank you, Gentlemen, for your replies! I’ve only logged on to zwift on phone and computer when looking to see if rides show, or what to ride next - sometimes riding, sometimes not. that may be the issue! I’ll be careful only to use companion on the phone, with main zwift platform on the Mac.

I’ll now go to the support hub article you mentioned, and wait for new version - there’s a ton to learn and again, I appreciate it!