Drops don't get saved

Hi guys!

Since I’ve updated Zwift on my Mac I’m having some issues with the game. For my first ride today neither Drops nor XP were saved, though the ride is visible via Companion App and on the website. Then for the second ride it saved my XP, but didn’t save my drops. I know it’s not a lot, but I was trying to save Drops for a new bike and not getting the 50k I earned today sucks.
Also tho it didn’t save the achievements I unlocked today. What’s going on?
Anyone here having similar problems or a solution for me? Thanks in advance!

Sounds like you may have ridden Zwift on multiple devices, but not fully logged out of one of them.

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So if I’m using it on my MacBook and I open the Zwift App on my phone there are issues cause of that?

Yes. Zwift keeps track of log ins/outs. So if you have a log in without a corresponding log out Zwift assumes that you are still in an activity and will not save your values. (At least that’s how I understand it. Hopefully someone more well-versed will have a more detailed answer.)


Thanks a lot, that at least gives me an idea of what could have gone wrong. Although my individual rides were all correctly saved and I can see them on the website and they have been uploaded to Strava. The ‚only‘ issue being not receiving drops, xp and achievements.