No drops?

Hi, im quite new to zwift (5 rides) but today i got to level 7 and made a few other achievements during the ride which got screenshots.
I rode with the robo pacer at 1.4 wpk as recovery and i stayed with the pacer the whole hour to make the most of the drops multiplier.
Much to my dismay i wasnt awarded any drops for the ride i started with 138,000 and thats all i have now, despite me having over 200,000 in screenshots. I believe i hit 239,000 give or take a few…any idea whats gone wrong?.
All badges and socks, level increase are updated just no new drops

Any chance you are logged into the game on more than one device? That is the normal reason for this sort of situation.

Log out fully, don’t just close, all devices you may have used to run the game.

If you are in 25Km per month free trial mode, you stop getting drops and route badges once you exceed 25Km, while you will still get XP until your ride ends.

Hi, im not on a trial i subscribed.
I may have signed in on my ipad as well as my larger tablet that i usually use while zwifting, weird that levels and badges etc prted through but frops didnt.

Ill log out the ipad, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

The double login is almost certainly the reason for lost progress. It could be designed better so it logs you out automatically when a new login happens on a different device, but instead it gets deeply confused and you pay the price.