Drop Disappearing, Finally got proof

A number of times I have logged in ether on my laptop or Ipad and thought my drops had gone down. But this time I have proof, I did a ride of tour de zwift stage 3 and have a screenshot of 412k drops and I ended on more. I log in only 2 days later having been resting and see I am down to 380k drops.

How can I lose drops when I am not logged in?

This is not the first time but the first time I have proof it changed but I didn’t purchase anything.

Getting really frustrated at trying to get to buy a frame from the shop but never got enough if you keep deleting them.

Sounds like you may have logged in to Zwift on multiple devices, but not logged out on at least one of them (i.e. mismatched log ins/log outs).


That’s a nice theory - unfortunately, at this time, there is no proof for that (not that I wouldn’t like to know…)

Anyone knows how often (and when) drops get updated on Zwift’s servers?

Drops should be added immediately, which is why I suggested what I did. I use only one device for Zwift (Apple TV) and have never had any issue with the number of drops I have accumulated.


Try deleting the app on the ipad and all other devices except for the laptop and see if that fixes the issue.

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