Workout and drops not registered

Today I rode the Mountainbike Workout 5 from the workouts list in Zwift.
Before the workout I was level 6 and got 166k drops. While riding I saw that I went to level 7 and above 180k drops.

After I was done, I finished and saved the workout.
I went showering and afterward I wanted to buy a new wheelset with the 180k+ credits, which I was looking for. But then I noticed that I was back at the 166k drops. Although my level was 7.
Looked further into it and I saw that there was not date registered at the workout I did. But the workout is saved in my activities…

This seems to be a bug somehow. And is it possible to get the drops I missed out on back?

This sounds like the behavior when logged in to Zwift on multiple devices. Might this be the case?

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Yes that’s true!

So to prevent this is should not use any other devices? And this bug will still be there?
And how so about the missed drops? Any way to get those back?

You can always reach out to Zwift support about the lost drops, but I’m pretty sure those are gone forever. You should never log in to Zwift (the game) on multiple devices without a corresponding log out.