Drops disappeared entirely (almost entirely)

My drops disappeared somehow.
I signed in Friday, had 1,660,000 drops at level 29. I rode for about 27 miles, just shy of 3,000 feet climbing, added about 25k drops to my total.
Bought the 454 wheels, just because
I logged in today, and I was down to just a bit over 4000 drops.
the 454 wheels definitely don’t cost over 1.3 million drops

I think you just got robbed! :rofl:

I am sure that Zwift will sort out the Drops issues in the next version or two or three… :thinking:


Same thing happened to me. :frowning:

About 2Million on day and the next 5000. :woozy_face:

We’ve confirmed an issue with Drops resetting to 0 after logging in on version (1.0.34055) of the Android app. We’ve released a new version of Zwift on Android that has fixed this issue. You can submit a support ticket to have any drops that disappeared reimbursed to your account.