Drops reset to zero after latest update to v50 - 1.0.34055

I had approx 400,000 drops after the switch to the drop shop a few weeks ago, and they were accruing fine during riding. However, went in today after the latest app update yesterday and my drops were showing as zero…:frowning:
When I started riding they did start accruing again though (but from zero).
Anyone else seeing this?
(Can’t be 100% sure it’s due to the update).

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Yep mine had reset to zero!

Wish I had insured them now!

Have you tried logging into Zwift on a different type of device (PC, Mac, iOS, or ATV) to see if they are still there?

Also, do they show in the Zwift Companion App?

I just looked and mine is 0 too. I guess it must be the Android beta since it’s 0 in both Companion and PC now.

Same issue

I’ve lost all mine too since the app updated :sob::sob: I use the companion app on my Samsung Galaxy 9

Adding myself to the list here as well. 430,000+ drops yesterday.

0 this morning and 0 added from todays ride (42,000)

Running Companion on Android and game on PC laptop.

Same for me. I had almost 1 million drops yesterday. Today, after the update and I’ve been reset to zero drops.

I had 2.3 million and now ZERO.

Zwift News mentioned that there had been a heist at the Drops bank. Something about an international ring of hackers specializing in cyber-heists. :man_shrugging:

Same here. It happened when I started stage 1 Watopia Tour yesterday, 0 drops displayed and now all I have is what I earned during that event.
Zwift running on an Android tablet, but 0 drops also logging into the PC client.

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For everyone that has experienced this problem, it is a known issue that we’re working on fixing at this time. If you haven’t already submitted a support ticket with us regarding your missing drops, please do so. We’ll be reimbursing you for the missing drops as soon as we can. Thanks for being a part of the Zwifting community.

Ride On!


Thanks John, much appreciated. Support ticket logged.

Thanks for the update John.

Same here. Zero drops. Ticket submitted.

I’m afraid to even open companion app on my android but I’m having a heck of a time functioning without it. Will a fix be posted here? Should I just go ahead and use it and lose it?

This bug only affects the Zwift game app on Android devices, not the Zwift Companion app. Additionally, the newest Android update released earlier today has fixed the bug. So as long as you update your Zwift game before loading, you’ll be just fine.

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Has anyone been reissued lost drops?

Just wondered how long it took for zwift to sort after a support ticket was raised?


Support said it will take 2 weeks. One week since my support ticket now… hopefully only one more…

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Same for me. 7 days since my ticket was submitted, but no reimbursement yet.