Drops keep resetting

Last three rides my drops keep resetting back to where I started.

After the first time I made sure I uninstalled Zwift from iPad and just have it on ATV.

I keep XP, level and activity shows in Companion app fine but drops reset. I also lost the first Feast Fondo jersey I achieved on Sunday.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Zwift to APT between rides 2 to 3. All three show drops in the pictures in activities but when firing up to ride again they are reset.

I’ve submitted a ticket to support@zwift.com but radio silence. Not good when we are paying 3 x subscriptions as a household every month to them!

does everyone use the apple tv for their rides? I’m just curious if logging into multiple accounts is an issue?

I’m sure support will get back to you, this is their busy time of the year so be patient.

Hi Mike, good question, but we all have our own ATV’s and screens set up in the garage so no multiple logins as we like to ride together.

Appreciate what you say about Zwift being busy. Sent email on Sunday so was just checking on whether this was an isolated issue or if other Zwifters have had a problem. Saying that wife and son are not having the issue on their own accounts.

Make sure you don’t have any one account signed in on more than one device. That will break it. Make sure you force close the app/sign out when you’re done riding.

Still no response from Zwift HQ.

I’m thinking that the update just announced to drop collection and drop shop / XP changes is not a coincidence.