FIXED: Zwifters are not receiving their Drops

(Josie) #1

UPDATE #1: This issue was fixed in an update. If you had been affected with this, please message our support team. Thank you!

Hey Zwifters,

We have gotten some reports of Zwifters not receiving any drops when logging into the newest update. Please send us a support inquiry and our support team will add you to our investigation list. We’ll update this post once we receive new information. Thank you for your patience!

No Drops after update
No Drop shop
(M ichelle AHDRL) #2

I have raised a ticket but if there are others who don’t have your drops please comment below!
I logged in and no historical drops were there, I am adding drops now.
Wonder how long before I can buy that Liv bike!

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(M) #3

Same for me. Done about an hours riding and still no retrospective drops. Raised a ticket.

(Hiltja) #4

Level 50 and No drops here. Thanks!!!

(. Barry T) #5

Same here no drops and no drop shop either

(. Barry T) #6

That’s my update through now :grinning:

(A) #7

No drop shop here either.

(Michael) #8

My drops have been set to zero from yesterdays total of 400,000+. Just completed Fondo Bambino amd those drops havent been credited either

(Paul) #9

I’m guessing you are on an Android: Drops reset to zero after latest update to v50 - 1.0.34055

(Michael) #10

Thanks Paul,

Companion on Android, game on PC.

Suppose that explains the reset, but not crediting today’s ride?

(Hiltja) #11

This issue isn’t fixed. I am level 50 and there are still no drops! I am earning some drops while riding.

(Josie) #12

Hi Hiltja, I was able to find your request and we tried to reply back. However, we are getting a hard bounce saying that the e-mail is inactive. Could you try sending another inquiry in with a valid e-mail address?

(Michael) #13

Hi there,

My issue not fixed either. I have the 20k drops earned Monday, but still missing the 400k+ I had before this issue.


(Josie) #14

Hi Mike,

You will need to submit a support inquiry, and our team will manually add the drops back to your account.

(. ) #15

I raised a ticket 2 days ago and still only have the drops I collected doing stage 2 of the tour. You asked for access to my account and that has been given.

When will I get my drops returned to me - I had over 347,000.

I see that I am not alone in this issue and it could take time to resolve… but will we get our original drops back and also keep the drops we are now earning as well.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Josie) #16

Hey there - it is taking a bit longer since we have a high demand, but I can assure you that we will get to it as soon as we can.

(Michael) #17

Hi Josie,

Ive done that.Twice.


(Hiltja) #18

I am now millionaire (drops).

Many thanks to the zwift support team for the competent and quick help because of the missing drops. I was very happy and I wish you continued success. Sometimes it is a bit complicated but in the end it looks right.

Ride on !

Hiltja S.

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