I am level 24 and have 0 Drops


This doesn’t seem fair. :frowning:

That’s for all the feedback you’ve been giving on the SuperLeague :rofl:

Looks like I’ve got away with it though :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, that sucks. I have about 750k and I’m level 12

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Same problem here!

Hahahah! :smiley:

Apparently the issue is that the Drops only show up if you actually have a trainer paired.

I logged in at work to see how many I have, but I don’t actually have a trainer to pair here.

That’s odd cause I did exactly the same thing. I use Zwift on my iPhone, the update wasn’t there first thing this morning when I do an hour before work. Checked at work, updated and had my drops. No trainer paired though.

Oh! :frowning:

Maybe not solved after all!

I guess check when you get home and you pair with your trainer.

Went into watch mode – 0 DP

Then went into ride mode:
1 minute riding – 303 DP
after 3 min – 740 DP

Yeah, which means you haven’t got your due Drops from 22 levels of riding. Plenty of other people have logged in and been welcomed with millions of Drops. My level 21 friend had 1.5 million.

eh, ok i’ll try contact zwift

Found my Drops!


They don’t appear if you “Just Watch”, it seems. You have to start a ride.

Since I don’t have a trainer to pair, I skipped pairing and started a ride anyway. Then they rained down.


That didn’t work for me. Still no drops…

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I’m only level 16, but having the same issue. I did pair and ride this morning, still no joy ( or drops).

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Have logged in, watched, been for a ride, checked the app is updated and still no drops?

I’d recommend raising a support ticket.


Exactly what I’ve done and they seem to be sorting things

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I’m lvl 43 and didn’t receive any drops. Raised a ticket and they said it could take up to 2 weeks for them to come through :confused:

The same. Up to level 16, I had more than 800,000 drops. Now in level 17 zero! Bug, or did someone steal it from me?

You need to update your app and submit a ticket: FIXED: Zwifters are not receiving their Drops