No drops for alpe du zwift

Completed the stage four of tour of all today, first time doing alpe du zwift. When I’ve checked my drops again just now I haven’t received any for the ride. Have created a ticket, but understand that’s likely to take a while for response. Has anyone else encountered this?

The activity is on my zwift, achievements and gear from the lottery are there - I believe my xp has gone up. It’s only missing the drops!

Hi @Josh_Pendry, do you use multiple devices for Zwift, if so make sure they are all completely logged off, force close any open Zwift apps, restart the devices regularly, etc.

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Thanks for the reply Mike. I do sometimes use my phone (rather than iPad), so maybe a sync error then? Have now quit all instances, and still no drops - guess it’s only max 50k, but still a little frustrating!

Any chance you went over a free trial during the ride? I did that once and either the XP stopped or the drops stopped but not both, can’t remember which one.

Hi not noticed that but definitely an issue getting prize wheels on last two rides.