Purchased Wheels missing and had to repurchase

I recently made it to level 13 and as soon as I did I purchased the unlocked Zipp 808 wheels. About a week or so later they had disappeared, as had the free GCN kit I unlocked. I purchased them again but after checking my Strava uploads I can see from the screenshots how much my XP has gone down and that I have indeed been charged twice.

I have been flitting between different devices with the same account as I have been having issues with my Apple TV setup so maybe this caused the issue but I am keen to know if I can resolve the lost XP. It’s not a big deal but I feel a bit cheated that I have lost 177,600 well earned drops. :grin:

Hi @Steve_Noctor

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The Zwift support team can help you here. They can investigate your account, see what happened, and they may be able to either restore your missing drops if it’s a situation where you had to spend them twice for the same item.

As for crediting XP, I don’t think that’s something that’s technically possible at this time, but again, there are some things our team may be able to help you with.

You can reach us here.

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Thanks Steven. I think I’m getting my drops and my XP mixed up. I was referring to drops not XP. :slight_smile: Thanks for the link, chat was busy so I have emailed support.

Hi @Steve_Noctor ,

You’re quite welcome! I noticed you’ve written in for support, so our team will get you a response shortly. Thanks again!