Level demotion

I just noticed that I’m back to level 50 after reaching 60. What notification have I missed? I also am wondering why I only see Zwift wheelsets in the drop shop.

Using the FIND ZWIFTERS function in Companion, you still come up as Level 60 for me.
As a first step, I’d “hard close” any instances of Zwift and Companion on all of your devices and then check again on just one. If this fails, I’d then uninstall the app(s) and reinstall it/them.
Hoping that this was just a momentary blip and that everything gets back to normal rapidly. :ride_on:

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Thanks Niku. I see the same in the Companion. A little reluctant to reinstall unless nothing works. Just a nuisance at this point.

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I’m curious: on what device/platform is Zwift showing you as Level 50?

Thanks again Niku. I noticed that Zwift Launcher was running in the task list even though I wasn’t using it or had exited. Now showing 60. The wheelset thing is just you have to select a frame first. Don’t shop much.

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Windows 10 and Mac Mini m1.

mac is still showing 50 in garage after reboot. oh well.

Is the Mac Mini the device that you Zwift on regularly? I’m assuming it’s on the latest version of Zwift.
I suppose the only practical solution is to do the full uninstall/reinstall, even if it’s a hassle. :man_shrugging:

I never use it for riding anymore. It does the launcher updates when invoked. Just happened to go to the drop shop and noticed. I just saw your reply and rechecked the mac after I made sure I exited on the windows box and now the mac shows 60. Just needed your prompting. Thanks.

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If two instances of Zwift are left open on separate devices, even if not used actively, it seems to cause problems. Always best to be extra careful about fully logging out of all but one instance at any one time, I guess. Glad that your situation is all good again. Ride on!