Level decreased since Zwift version 1.29.1 [October 2022] [SOLVED]

Hi Forum
Anyone else who have experienced your level has decreased after the latest update 1.29.1

I noticed today and found out that the problem occured with the update.

When I started out today I start at level 11. When I am rewarded with XP my level decreases to level 7. Please see the pics below.
Both pics is from my ZA ride the 29th sep.

Its the same with both an Ipad and a Lenovo desktop.

Anyone got a solution ?

Best regards

Did you accidentally pedal backwards the whole time?


It could seem like that, but no I didnt :grin:

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Hi Rasmus, I would write to the support directly (ticket). They can give you the points back. A bug may never be fixed.

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I guess you are right. I just havent figured out how to write to them :confused: I’ll try again.

Just finished ZA final ride and everything seemed fine during the ride besides the level indicator bar didn’t move. Level indicator said 11 but as soon I passed the finishline it changed to level 7 ???
Petty annoying.

I figured out how to write to support and I have just sent them a mail.
Fingers crossed that they can work it out :blush:

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Hi @Rasmus_Gericke

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Thanks for flagging this up. We’re investigating.


When I am riding my level will drop from ~29 to 5 or 6. This happens on group rides, workouts, and just rides. Everything else stays the same (banked drops, acquired bikes, frames, etc). Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Thank you all for your patience. We’re working to fix this bug. If you see it occur during your ride, you can still safely save your activity- the lower level will not get locked in.

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Hello again everyone,

With the release of version 1.30.0, this issue should be resolved for all affected Zwifters. If you use more than one device to ride/run, we strongly recommend that you update your game across all devices to avoid risks of seeing this happen again.

Thank you all for bringing this to our attention!