Level rollback issue yesterday?

 anyone have an issue yesterday with level lost yesterday?  i did an long 2.5 hour ride and achieved level 20.   later when i logged in to claim my new honors my level had rolled back to 19.   


i got back to 20 today with another ride, but curious about why, how,etc.   Figured someone in the community might have some explanation or similar issue.



There were server issues yesterday and I am guessing some, if not all your XP did not get credited. I did a 1 1/2 run and leveled up during it, but now I’m back down to the level and XP I had before the start of the run. 

Same for me. I did a long ride, got to a new level and got the imperial century achievment/jersey. Logging back in, it was all gone. Kinda sucks…

Same for me. I did the Fondo yesterday. But only 25 km of the 47 km are stored in my activity. Also the activity was not synchronized with Strava 

Same for me. I reached the next level and today I saw level 16 again. I hope Zwift can solve the problem. This is the second time for me.


Hi everyone,

This is due to the server outage - while you were riding, the data was not able to be updated in our server and so, unfortunately, the XP you earned did not save. The rides are stored as .FIT files so you can upload them to Strava but it is currently not possible to update your MyZwift dashboard and add those XP back.

@Guido - is your level different in the Zwift Companion app? Is it still at 15?