Ride data missing

I did a longer ride on the weekend and got an achievement for a new route and leveled up to 18. During my ride this morning, I leveled up to 18 again! I went back to check, and the achievement is gone too, as well as the drops I earned and meters climbed from my totals. The weekend ride shows up in the zwift companion app and was it was uploaded to Strava successfully, so it was saved and the data is there.
Are other people seeing missing data in zwift?

Hi @Bob_Fraser_WCC

That can happen if you did not completely close Zwift on your other device.


Oh I see. I started installing Zwift on a windows machine before starting my ride on android, so that must have been the issue.
Do you know if there’s any way to recover? Can I sync a ride to my zwift profile from the zwift companion app or something?

Nope, at the moment there is no way to manually update or resync a Zwift ride to the Zwift servers.

OK, thank you

Zwift activities doesn’t sync with strava and garmin, even don’t show me the details of the ride. !