Missing event

I rode a 3r event tonight.

During the race my timer was stuck on 00:01 and distance was stuck on 0.0km. However I was moving and the lap counter was reducing and distance remaining also. I was awarded XP, drops and badge for completing the course.

However when I finished the ride i did not appear in results and the activity is missing in companion app.

I use IOS so can’t see if file is stuck etc.

What happened and can I recover the ride data?

Hi @Matthew_Whitwell, unfortunately Zwift can’t recover your ride. You might be able to manually upload it to Strava or other fitness apps that you use.

To find out what went wrong, try uploading the log file to zwiftalizer.com and see if there were network dropouts or other issues.

Hi @Mike_Rowe_PBR thanks for reply, not yet received anything from zwift officially.

Unfortunately I don’t have any log files as was on Apple tv so no records that method.

Frustrating to miss the race but my bigger concern is that in trying for 14 day badge and worried that this will affect my quest. Also irrespective about whether it can be fixed tech issues happen for a reason and these should be understood. I have ridden over 150 events over last 3+ years and never happened before so something else has changed. Up to the zwift team to explain…

Over ridden over 150 years over last 3+ years…


I wonder if this was the same event as this one, and if so if something went wrong with the race itself? https://forums.zwift.com/t/why-am-i-missing-from-results/