Missing data for duathlon bike event

Hi I just biked in a duathlon event but my data doesn’t appear on ZwiftPower but appears in my activities list and made it to my Garmin account. The run portion just 10 minutes later does appear. What’s the process to get this resolved? Thanks.

Event ID: 1824021
ZwiftPower ID: 1547168

Hi and welcome Sean - Last time I saw this raised (where you are listed in the Live section with a completed time but not in results) WTRL suggested dropping an email to them. It appears 34 others are in the same position.

Hmmm, I think this situation is a little worse. When I say my data doesn’t appear I mean I’m not listed at all for this event.

You are listed in the Live section as a non-finisher hence my comment

Ah, I see now. Bit of a newbie here. I’ll email WTRL. Thanks for the info!

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A bit more info - when a rider appears in that list as a non-finisher, it is normally a sign that Zwiftpower lost connection to Zwift at xx mins or km’s (in your case, lost at apprx 19.7km’s). This is usually caused by a network issue on the riders side. But the fact that 34 of you had the same issue is abnormal.

WTRL will likely use their tools to assist you all. It may not fix Zwiftpower but they will be able to sort in the their leaderboards etc.

Thanks Dean! So do you suggest we all email WTRL or should we presume they are aware of this wide scale issue and will resolve it.

If an event is not showing up on your profile, please allow up to 24 hours. If you still do not see it, you may have either left the event early or had an error when the data was uploading after the event was done. If this is the case, there is nothing we can do to add the event to your profile.

Oh cool. So an issue outside of my control is probably my fault somehow even though this happened to 30+ people in a single event. Regardless, there’s nothing that can be done. Really inspires confidence in ZwiftPower. Definitely using this in the future! :roll_eyes:

Yep - they are busy boys and may not look at the ZP detail.

Zwiftpower have had several meltdowns since Zwift took over the platform and tried to move it last year. The worst of it was early this year where WTRL race data (and non WTRL related event data) was screwed up and ZP results were sketchy at best. It meant that WTRL had to do a lot of work in the background to get the correct results. That problem has only just been resolved by the looks of things but yeah ZP has got loads of new bugs and far lower level of support since Zwift took it over.

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Thanks Dean. Much appreciated.

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Got a reply back from WTRL. They are no longer using ZwiftPower for their data source. Not sure how that works but they had all of my data. :slight_smile: so wait for the new results page to be posted.

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Well at least you will get quality results but a bit of a shame that your racing history is no longer completed / accurate in Zwiftpower.

Thanks for the update Sean.

Yep, and brings up an obvious question. If WTRL was able to get the data why can’t ZwiftPower? :thinking: