Missing Result from "Zwift Duathlon League" Run Opt - Race 2

Hey supporters,

I am facing a problem, because Zwiftpower is not listing my result for the run part of the race. You can find the event, my profile and the activity as listed with the links below. I also can see my activity under my “activities” section on Zwiftpower, but it is not listed in the overall view and I am not in the results’ list of the event.

Event “Zwift Duathlon League - Race 2 - Opt 1 Run”:
Event ID: 1782217

Zwift Power User: Benjamin [O.ROR] Franke
Zwift Power User ID: 1057570

Zwift Activity:
ID: 757140323419171280

As you can see also on the uploaded screenshot, the activity for the race is there, but without a “link” to the event.

Thanks for your help!

My Race 1 looks similar to that.

Does your Race 1 look different?

Benjamin - the issue has the hallmarks of being a network glitch (Zwift activity doesnt list you in results but still has activity which is likely data missing in the middle of the ride somewhere) but it would be worthwhile emailing Zwiftpower@zwift.com as you are showing as a finisher in Zwiftpower’s “Live” results and not in the section that shows a disconnect with Zwift’s data.

EDIT: Zwiftpower have some fairly serious unresolved backend issues that may also be in play here that are impacting a lot of Zwift racers

Thanks @Dean for your explanation.

Yes, I have already put my request into an email to Zwiftpower. But do you think there is another way of getting help?

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If the event was put on by another organiser (private club) then it could have been worth talking to them as they sometime have a few tools, or know a little more than us average punters. But in this case, its Zwift’s own event by the looks so I’m out of suggestions.


I just saw a post from Martin @ WTRL regarding the Zwift Duathalon series and its worth you having a look at … so it does feel like you are impacted by Zwiftpower issues.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. As I highly appreciate the events of the WTRL and the newly organised Zwift Duathlon Series, I hope that - at one day - when the results are listed externally (on the website of WTRL), I will be there with my results as well for the 2nd race. Nevertheless, I think it is good to know for me and my fellows (who are facing similar problems), that we have done everything we can to fix it! :slight_smile:

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@Benjamin_Franke - please ping us an email at racecontrol@wtrl.racing with your zwift ID and briefly mention it relates to missing ZP entry and we will see what we can do

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Thanks @Martin_WTRL - I just sent the mail to your racecontrol@wtrl.racing

All the best!


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None of my runs on show much on ZwiftPower. Both of the duathlon runs show only weight and ave HR. For some reason not even my max.

But then, neither does any other runs. So I was not even concerned about it.

Some show distance, but I suppose that is where the run is specifically distance limited.

The worst thing about it, is that they don’t have any clue as to the position! I finish up in one spot on-screen and (presumably since it’s a timed thing and everybody ends on the same time) show up in ZwiftPower positions to be almost last.
Oh well, we’ll get the actual positions when the results do emerge. It’s all just good fun anyways. Until they show you those numbers: xx/xxx. Then a “just treat it as a recovery ride after all the training” turns into a “now I’m totally legless!” session an hour later.