WTRL Duathlon - Week 5 Option 2 results

I completed the WTRL Duathlon, option 2 (2pm GMT) yesterday, results are showing on the WTRL site but are not appearing on my Zwiftpower profile - anyone else have this issue & can they be loaded somehow, either by me, or centrally?

Have the same issue and many others have it, too.

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I’m having the same problem as well, my run appeared on Zwiftpower but not my bike! and last week my bike appeared but not my run!. An annoying bug really

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Same issue for me and others on my team. Option 4. My week 4 and 5, no bike in ZP. Shows in ZC, Strava, TrainingPeaks, and WTRL results (most important), but not ZP.

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I’d suggest opening a ticket with zwift: zwiftpower@zwift.com

I’ve done this as this has happened to me 2 weeks in a row now. Not for any other events, only for the WTRL Duathlon Bike leg. I would like my events to count towards my power numbers. Everything is there, fit file in Zwift profile, Live data, WTRL Results. There just seems to be a bug in converting an event from “LIVE” to “Finished” for 20-40% of riders in each of these WTRL Duathlon events.

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Thanks - have sent them an email with a link to here and a description - hope that is enough to open a ticket!

Week 6 is no better. It’s really disappointing not to have my bike power numbers count because of a system bug that doesn’t tag the event as ‘Final’. ZwiftPower is s**t since Zwift bought it in-house.

I’ve had the same issue for race 6, both are on Zwift as completed but only the run has uploaded to Zwiftpower? WTRL has both of the results recorded so I don’t understand why ZP doesn’t.