ZwiftPower uploading files from Zwift

Hi I raced the Duathlon yesterday (Wed 17th Feb 2021 @ 11:00 a.m. UK time)
My Cycle activity/time was recorded in Zwift but not uploaded to ZwiftPower
My subsequent Run activity/time was also recorded in Zwift but was uploaded to ZwiftPower.

I registered correctly for each race on Zwift and started and completed each race correctly (Hence they are on Zwift).
Why has only one race uploaded to ZwiftPower though?
Can I retrospectively upload the Cycle race to ZP?


You are listed in the live tab as finishing 30th. You dont have HR showing in the stats so wondering if that is a factor. Normally if a HR is required, you would be flagged as HR (disqualified) but still show in filtered list so a little odd.

I’d firstly check with WTRL - someone else posted an issue here and the WTRL guys sorted (not necessarily the same issue however). If they can’t help, send an email off to - you will need to provide them with your event id (1747154) and a link to your Zwiftpower profile along with the problem description. Zwiftpower team are slow to process requests due to some hefty backend issues they are trying to fix.