Zwift stopped saving activities correctly after joining zwiftpower

I registered for zwiftpower and connected it last Thursday (ish).

The next time I rode on Zwift the activity never uploaded and the companion said I was “zwifting now”. I know my Internet was up the whole time as I was on Discord on a group ride until after the finish. Zwift said it was saving just as normal.

Some time later the ride appeared, with my kudos count, with only a date where the ride title normally is (02/05/2021), but only the ride summary and no relationship to the event. No performance data.

Today I finished TDZ stage 8 and the exact same thing happened. The zwift support site is unhelpful with its suggestions. This is on a Windows 10 laptop dedicated to Zwift that does nothing else

Oddly, the rides are appearing on Zwiftpower with the correct event title and power / heart rate data.

Something is really messed up with Zwift (I know, who knew?)

Jamie, this article may be of some help.'t-upload-H1Zv962fS

You can also check your log file, look for any error messages near the end in lines which start with

NETCLIENT:[INFO] Activity Upload:

Ride is probably uploaded via TCP, so you can drag log file of Zwift to Zwiftalizer, scroll to the very bottom of the report, and check TCP connection quality. If it is not a straight horizontal line, you need to troubleshoot your home wi-fi. Discord most likely runs on UDP protocol, and the fact that it works does not necessarily mean that you did not have dropouts in other protocols.

Zwift uses a fair amount of internet traffic using several protocols, and this makes it sensitive to our home network reliability.

That was the first thing I read, but this is different. It seems like buggy interaction between Zwift and Zwiftpower.

The data flows from my laptop → Zwift → Zwiftpower.

Zwiftpower has the event name, ride data and my finishing place. Zwift has none of that.

When I look at the activity on Zwift the browser ( zwift activity 745944884996441808 ) the browser just sits there with a flashing Z for as long as I leave it. This looks like brokenness on the Zwift side.

So I just opted out of Zwiftpower, rode 3km, and it saved perfectly.


  • 3 months of zero problems with activity uploads
  • Opt in to Zwiftpower
  • 2 consecutive failed uploads on different days (what’s the bet Zwift will point the finger at my Internet)
  • Opt out of Zwiftpower
  • Next activity uploads successfully

Jamie, sorry, it looks like I misunderstood what the problem was. Thank you for clarification. This issue is really hard to explain…

Do you plan to repeat the test - connect to Zwiftpower again to see what happens?

Just curious, did your ride upload correctly to Strava or Training Peaks or Todays Plan or any other cloud (if you use those repositories)?

The ride did not upload to Strava, but oddly it does appear in Zwiftpower - with my finishing time and right next to the other riders in the bunch. That was the puzzler for me. I was able to upload the .fit file from the Zwift folder on the laptop directly to Strava.

My next activity will be a re-ride of TDZ Stage 8 (a different route this time) to finish the set. When that’s out of the way and I have time to burn I might try reproducing - but probably won’t get to it this week.

Confirmed. Rides are now uploading after opting out of Zwiftpower.