Activity details could not be loaded (March 2021)

I’ve started using Zwift again regularly since the end of March 2021 and coincidentally with the addition of the Return to Home feature.

I’ve now had three recent rides (out of seven) which have failed to upload properly, meaning…

  1. they don’t get passed through to TrainingPeaks (so I have to do the FIT activity upload manually)
  2. they show in the Companion App with a date title (rather than the name of the event) and an alert saying “Activity details could not be loaded”
  3. they still appear correctly in Zwift Power (two with FIT file source and one with Live data)

There have been other similar reports like this and this.

In some other topics, it is suggested that fail to upload could be down to network issues. If that is the case, where is Zwift Power getting its FIT files and correct event name from? I have a wired Ethernet connection to my Zwift PC and would consider a network issue a low probability. In any case, I don’t see network issues in game and I would expect the upload/save feature to be robust.

If anything, it looks like there is confusion between the game and the Companion App as to which is meant to manage saving, and for which part of the ride eg pre event, event or post event. I have initiated an exit on the PC and then seen a popup on the Companion App offering the same, for example.

Happy to provide further information and log files as required.