Activity details could not be loaded - again

Just rode stage 6 of Tour de Zwift.
I always use the companion app.
Stopped and saved the activity from the companion app. Pressed the “Save to Strava and partner…” button.
Activity continued on PC - I also stopped the activity there


  • Cannot see activity in App
  • Activity is not uploaded to Strave
  • Activity link : 739092071692252080 does not respond

What am I doing wrong

Hello @Jorgen_Thyme, welcome to the forums. The activity not being uploaded sounds like a network error. Perhaps your wifi dropped as you ended the ride?

You can look at the log file from that ride with to see if there were indeed network errors. Log files are found in documents/zwift folder on your PC.

Shane thing happened to me the last two times I’ve ridden on zwift.

You might be getting network errors, try restarting your wifi router and modem, another trick would be setting the channel on your router to a low number rather than letting it auto select.

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I have same issue. 2 events in a row with this error. It happens, after ride, when I’m ending zwifting in companion app. Had to upload fit file to strava manually.

Same for me on the Feb 4 1000ET Z Badge Hunt Mighty Metro ride. Zwift crashed as I hit the finish line. Companion had most of the details but couldn’t save to Zwift. Had to manually save to Strava. No climbing or distance credit for Zwift.