Strange "Activity details could not be loaded" occurrence

Y’day evening, after finishing a 6wk Beginner FTP workout, a Zwift survey popped up asking about the music app I was using during my ride and my overall ride experience. I took a minute to respond and included a comment and hit “Submit” and then expected to be returned to the “Save & Exit” option. Instead, the Zwift app just closed and nothing uploaded. Some poking around on the Companion app quickly showed something was amiss when I saw the “activity details could not be loaded” message.

Further poking on my PC showed several files with y’days date in the Activities folder, including two larger files - one with the normally expected file name - - and one with the name I grabbed that file and manually uploaded to Strava, and ride data appears to align with the ride.

BUT, is there any way to capture the details in the Companion app or my Zwift account?

Thanks in advance for any/all feedback/insights.

PS: I did upload a couple of .log files from y’day into Zwiftalizer and the results there seem to indicate nothing weird happened network-wise

Unfortunately, nope. If it doesn’t auto-load to Zwift then there is no way to manually upload the fit file to Zwift like you can to Garmin, Strava, TrainingPeaks, etc.

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Thank you for confirming what I suspected. For all of the $$ they’re taking in monthly, you think some it would go toward improving technology-related issues like this one. At least there’s an “Exit” button now…heh